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YA-59-SM 18k gold plated 72mm 3D Flower of Life Orgone Stencil Healing Grid
18k gold plated Flower of Life Healing Grid

Retail Price: $12.00

Product code: YA-59-SM

Beautiful 18k gold plated 72mm 3D Flower of Life Orgone Stencil Healing Grid.
Size: 2.84 inches in diameter by .02 inches (same thickness as a credit card).

Note: this design is symmetrical, however, in order to capture the best likeness of the item the photo has been taken at a slight angle.

There are many spiritual beliefs and harmonic relationships associated with the Flower of Life. This title is given to a set of geometrical figures composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, that are arranged to form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry. Having been found in temples from Ancient Egypt, China , India and Europe. Its place in Sacred Geometry has spread beyond single spiritual belief systems into Quantum physics and has a wide respect as a harmonic mandala. Obvious symmetry with the flower of life can be found in the outwardly emanating harmonic waves of atomic matter. The molecular lattice in a crystal and any pure element can have a similar perfect atomic geometry that can match the three dimensional flower of life pattern.

Throughout nature one can see similar Flower of Life patterns from sea shells, pine cones, cacti, flowers and so on. Of particular interest is the amplifying energetic effect of aligned frequency fields that the flower of life represents. When one magnet is joined to another in perfect alignment the singular strength of those two is doubled. When an atom in a crystal aligns geometrically with billions of other atoms a vast flower of life frequency field occurs at the nano level. When two photons align perfectly in a laser beam the amplification occurs without the random loss of energy that an incandescent light has. The vibrating electrons that rotate in a crystals molecular lattice (all electrons spin and are wave forms) create an emanating and or radiating frequency field.