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IB-01-S Adjustable Silver cubic zirconia Infinity Bracelet
IB-01-S Adjustable Silver cubic zirconia Infinity Bracelet

Retail Price: $42.00

Product code: IB-01-S


Adjustable Silver Infinity Bracelet with cubic zirconia gemstones.
Weight: 0.72 oz, Length: 9 in.
Positive images or symbols of wealth allow for positive thinking which in turn will help attract subtle astral forces coming to your aid.

In the relative world of Karma there is no such thing as luck however the mental forces of attraction use the stimuli of symbols for sub-conscious attraction. Thoughts are things and this symbol is a tangible support to the intension dimension of wealth generation.

Infinity is an idea that something never ends. Coming from the Latin infinitas or "unboundedness." By concentrating on the laws of prosperity, this Infinity Wealth card can draw your appreciation to an endless wealth of many kinds as the child of the supportive Infinite Mother, Father or Spirit.

Infinity - is defined as "that which is free from any possible limitation". In other words, something greater cannot possibly be conceived of, and nothing can be added to the infinite that it did not already possess from all eternity.

"Space and time are not conditions in which we live; they are modes in which we think"
Albert Einstein in his later years...