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Venus Orbital Dance Grid 3"
Venus Orbital Dance Grid 3"

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Product code: YA-95-SM


The Invisible Dance of the Earth And Venus Forms a Stunning five petaled Pentagrammic Pattern in Space.

This 18 karat gold plated brass laser cut grid follows identically the
amazingly symmetrical mandala like pattern shows the 8-year orbital cycles of Venus in our solar system from an Earth-centered perspective.

When plotted geocentrically – from an Earth’s line of sight– there is a highly noticeable symmetrical rhythm in the motion of Venus. After eight years, it returns to the same place in our sky on about the same date. This is known as the eight-year cycle of Venus, and stems from the fact that 13 Venusian orbits (8 x 224.8 days) very nearly equals eight Earth years. The cycle was known to, and of great interest to, ancient peoples such as the Maya. Today, many know it as the pentagram of Venus.

The word pentagram – or five-sided figure – is used because, over the eight years, each phenomenon – each relative position of Earth, Venus, and the sun – occurs five times. Then, over the next eight years, they repeat five times almost identically.

Venus makes a complete orbit around the Sun (a year in Venusian time) every 225 Earth days or slightly less than two Venusian day-night cycles. Its orbit around the Sun is the most circular of any planet — nearly a perfect circle. Other planet's orbits are more elliptical, or oval-shaped.

"Eight Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun."

Venus has the most circular orbit of any of the planets in our Solar System.