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Hearts For Love is the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of spiritual art
Honoring the Sacred in All Traditions

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All of our products share several important characteristics,
spiritually based subjects, high quality images -
high value for your customers and high profit potential for you.

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BMK-21 Amma 18 karat gold plated shree yantra Metatron's Cube Yantra 18 karat gold plated plate
BMK-21 Amma
Retail Price: $1.00
DH-16 Massage in Progress - Door Hanger 18kt 4 inch Gold plated Merkaba Grid 18k gold plated Dodecahedron Healing Grid
DH-16 Massage in Progress - Door Hanger
Retail Price: $12.00
175 in stock!
BMK-14 Jesus Christ in Meditation Merkaba Silver Plated 30mm Earrings Bolt karat gold plated
Bolt karat gold plated 18k 6in Gold plated Celtic Tree of Life Healing Grid WA-225 Mother Mary  - Wallet Altar
YA-79 Bolt 18K Gold Plated Healing Grid
Retail Price: $26.00
9 in stock!
18k gold plated Hexagonal Star Grid Silver Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Aromatherapy Ball Pendant 18k gold plated Seed of Life/ Flower of Life Healing Grid
18k Gold plated Lotus Flower cut out Healing Grid 18k gold plated Torus Vortex Healing Grid 18k gold plated Merkaba Star Healing Grid

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