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Hello, My name is Nick Hodgson and I've lived in Encinitas, California for the last 30 plus years.

There's one thing I've noticed that unites all people, wherever we are, and whatever our circumstances -- our yearning for a better world. We all dream of a world free of suffering where we live in harmony, mutual understanding and the love born of it. What I've realized though, from my own experiences and observations is this-- the world we want to create, depends on the actions we take as individuals.

But, human as we are, the actions we take are often very far apart from the actions that a world in harmony would need. The gap between our actions and our ideals is often brought upon us by unavoidable components of modern life: pressure, stress, divided attention, feelings of threat and fear of loss. There's another thing that unites people all over the world: it's all of these things!

However, part of the solution but not the solution in itself, is to have reminders all around us, that affirm our ideals subconsciously and consciously and reinforce our higher thinking and spiritual goals. Whether it is a chrome OM car logo, an image of a saint, symbol or deity all these things for the right individual can remind them of their values and help to uplift them in life. has a goal of fulfilling the provision of supplies for this culturally influential role.

We fall from grace not because we don't have the capacity for infinite love, patience and kindness - but simply because we often forget that we do. So in 2004, I started Hearts for Love .com as my personal offering to the world as an instrument for keeping conscious thinking, speaking and acting at the center of every person's awareness, wherever we are, whatever our budget and whatever we're doing. From car stickers, to window stickers, to credit card sized wallet altars, to greeting cards, to photographs, to art prints, giclee prints and oil paintings -- I wanted to make products for EVERY environment that would enjoy as reminders of our connection to something bigger than us: something that makes us compassionate, giving, gentle, kind, loving, tolerant, positive and joyful.

For this reason, our images include beautiful paintings of Jesus Christ (as copied by the artist Heinrich Hofmann), Bhagavan Krishna, Lord Buddha, Quan Yin and many other spiritual artwork of all the true religions and spiritual paths. We love the idea of a united world where Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and all religions can live together. The New Age Movement can find plenty of inspirational images and artwork: we produce many inspired gifts related to Reiki, Yoga, Spiritual Affirmations, Chakras, Hindu Deities, Taoism, Native Americans and much more.

What started off as an idea on a drawing table has turned into one of the largest wholesale suppliers of spiritual artwork, jewelry and accessories. We ship product to Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and across the United States. We now have an art studio in China, where they handpaint oil paintings under my direction, and perform digital artwork for concepts we send them. We have jewelry suppliers in India, who source crystals and semi-precious stones of the highest quality for 108 bead malas, rings, earrings and necklaces. We have a graphic design team here in the US who create our marketing materials, and print suppliers whom we run art prints and greeting cards.

Now we are going into our fifteenth year, with a warehouse and operational team in Encinitas, California, I think it happened because we create things that remind us all of our dream for a better world.

I think it happened because we sell things that help us to think, act and speak in ways that support that dream.

I think it happened because what we offer connects us all to something bigger than our individual self: something that gives us the grace to be more kind, more gentle, more forgiving and more loving.

Where this path will ultimately lead is not certain. Every small business is a labor of love, and we have had good years and more challenging years.

But whatever it brings, will stay on the path of bringing messages intended to uplift humanity and connect us to our highest Self, for as long as we have the guru's grace to do so. For as Paramahansa Yogananda had said: "Everything else can wait, but our search for God cannot wait." Thank you for your interest in HeartsforLove.Com and please be assured a very large proportion of the profits are usually donated to some very effective charities.

Nick Hodgson
Encinitas, California