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A Japanese Tendai Buddhist named Mikao Usui is credited with discovering Reiki in 1922 after years of research and a twenty-one day retreat on Mount Kurama, involving deep meditation, fasting and prayer. Usui claimed that by a mystical revelation he had gained the knowledge and spiritual power to apply and attune others to to a universal healing energy that he called Reiki.

Usui founded the pioneering school Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Harajuku, near Tokyo, where he trained students in the practice of his system of Reiki, and continued to refine his own mastery of it.

The name Reiki derives from two Japanese characters: 'rei'
(meaning ‘unseen’ or 'spiritual') and 'ki' (Chinese qi or chi, here meaning ‘energy’ or life force’).

Reiki is described by adherents as a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Photograph # 215 (8" x 10" - 11" x 14" - ready to frame, ready to hang, matted)

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Wallet Altar WA-217 (3 1/4" x 2")- $ 1

New Bookmark! cents: 25

4 grams Sterling Silver quality-made ring
; being easily adjustable it will fit almost any finger size. Includes additional positive affirmation engravings on the inside that say : “Love” on one side and “Joy” on the other. All of our custom designed Affirmation Rings are Made in USA. Price sensitive to sterling silver price
s.We only sell our own unique silver jewelry designs and own the copyright on them.

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GC-12 Aum (OM) Greeting Card GC-13 Aum (OM) Greeting Card GC-46 Aum (OM) Greeting Card
GC-12 Aum (OM) Greeting Card
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-13 Aum (OM) Greeting Card
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-46 Aum (OM) Greeting Card
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-47 Aum (OM) Greeting Card GC-34 Om Mani Greeting Card WA-108 Peace - Wallet Altar
GC-47 Aum (OM) Greeting Card
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-34 Om Mani Greeting Card
Retail Price: $2.95
WA-108 Peace - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
WA-112 Peace - Wallet Altar WA-113 Every Moment is a Miracle - Wallet Altar WA-114 Om Mani Padme Hum - Wallet Altar
WA-112 Peace - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
WA-126 Angel - Wallet Altar WA-131 Celtic Spiral - Wallet Altar WA-132 Angel - Wallet Altar
WA-126 Angel - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
WA-132 Angel - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
WA-138 Bliss Happens - Wallet Altar WA-139 A Woman Is What She Thinks All Day Long - Wallet Altar WA-140 Angel - Wallet Altar
WA-140 Angel - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
WA-141 My Religion Is Love and Service (Amma)  - Wallet Altar Quotes) WA-144 Yogananda Quotes - Wallet Altar WA-145 Love Abundantly - Wallet Altar
WA-146 Love Accept Forgive and Life Becomes as Light as a Feather - Wallet Altar WA-147 Miracles Happen - Wallet Altar WA-148 My Life Is A Miracle Unfolding - Wallet Altar
WA-149 Patience Every Miracle Unfolds in the Perfect Hour - Wallet Altar WA-150 You Are My Miracle - Wallet Altar WA-151 Peaceful Heart - Wallet Altar
WA-166 I Am a Child of God (Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes) Wallet Altar WA-167 Live Well - Wallet Altar WA-168 There Is A Song In You - Wallet Altar
WA-175 Breathe - Wallet Altar WA-176 Thoughts Become Things - Nurture Your Mind - Wallet Altar WA-179 He Who Does Not See God (Mahatma Gandhi) - Wallet Altar
WA-180 Touched the Sky - It Is How You Think - Wallet Altar WA-182 I Am a Smile Millionaire - Wallet Altar WA-196 The Golden Rule - Wallet Altar
WA-198 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil - The Three Wise Monkeys - Wallet Altar WA-199 WA-199 Live Simply, Love Generously - Wallet Altar WA-203 Easy Does It - First Things First - Wallet Altar
WA-204 Live and Let Live - One Day at a Time - Wallet Altar WA-206 Name the Poison - How to Give up Smoking - Wallet Altar WA-221 Yoga - Namaste  - Wallet Altar
WA-224 Live Love Laugh - Faith Hope Love - Wallet Altar WA-227 Live Simply - Gratitude - Wallet Altar WA-228 Cleverly Disguised as an Adult - Smile if You Don't Exist - Wallet Altar
WA-229 Patience - Fools Argue, The Wise Discuss (Paramahansa Yogananda) - Wallet Altar WA-230 26 Soul Qualities that Make Man Divine - Wallet Altar WA-231 The Guru's Promise by Paramahansa Yogananda - Wallet Altar
WA-232 See Good, Think Good, Be Good - What Good Did I Do Today? - Wallet Altar WA-233 Live Love - Listen with Your Heart - Wallet Altar WA-234 Never Give Up - Be The Change (Mahatma Gandhi) - Wallet Altar
WA-235 Attitude Is Altitude - Smiles Go For Miles - Wallet Altar WA-236 Every Moment Is A Miracle - Look For Good - Wallet Altar WA-237 Main Dream - Believe - Wallet Altar
WA-238 Yogi Berra - Thoughts Become Things - Wallet Altar WA-239 One Love - Love Wins - Wallet Altar WA-240 Imagine - Coexist - Wallet Altar
WA-241 Miracles Happen - Blessed Be - Wallet Altar WA-242 Om Mani Padme Hum - Wallet Altar WA-243 Om Namah Shivaya - Namaste - Wallet Altar
WA-244 Pray For Others - Love - Wallet Altar WA-245 Celebrate God's Love - What Did I Do Beyond Ordinary Love Today? - Wallet Altar WA-246 Think of no One as Them - "Fill Your Heart With Love" (Amma) - Wallet Altar
WA-247 Encourage - Accept or Change - Wallet Altar WA-248 Stealing Will Lose You The Things You Love - Stealing Is Very Bad Karma - Wallet Altar WA-249 Say No to Drugs - Listen With Your Heart - Wallet Altar
WA-250 Stay Positive - Exercise Daily! - Wallet Altar WA-251 Dance Love Sing Live - Watch Your Thoughts - Wallet Altar WA-252 Welcome - Who am I willing to be today? - Wallet Altar
WA-033 Saraswati - Wallet Altar WA-061 Aum (OM) - Wallet Altar WA-062 Aum (OM) - Wallet Altar
WA-063 Aum (OM) - Wallet Altar WA-068 Saying Grace - Wallet Altar WA-070 Aum (OM) - Wallet Altar
WA-079 Angel - Wallet Altar WA-080 Aum (OM) - Wallet Altar T-001 Peace
WA-079 Angel - Wallet Altar
Retail Price: $3.50
T-001 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-002 Peace T-003 Peace T-004 Peace
T-002 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-003 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-004 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-005 Peace T-006 Peace T-007 Peace
T-005 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-006 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-007 Peace
Retail Price: $3.90
T-008 OM
Retail Price: $3.90
Retail Price: $3.90
Retail Price: $3.90
T-013 OM T-084 Crown Chakra Sahasrara T-086 Throat Chakra
T-013 OM
Retail Price: $3.90
T-084 Crown Chakra Sahasrara
Retail Price: $3.90
T-086 Throat Chakra
Retail Price: $3.90
T-100 Chakras - Eyes of God - 2 Oms T-104 Celebrate Love Wicca T-105 Sacred Goddess
T-104 Celebrate Love Wicca
Retail Price: $3.90
T-105 Sacred Goddess
Retail Price: $3.90
T-106 Positive Affirmations T-107 Life Change Reminders 1 T-108 Life Change Reminders 2
T-106 Positive Affirmations
Retail Price: $3.90
T-109 Life Change Reminders 3 T-111 Inner Growth 2 T-114 Inner Growth 3
T-111 Inner Growth 2
Retail Price: $3.90
T-114 Inner Growth 3
Retail Price: $3.90
T-115 Laws of Attraction 1 T-116 Laws of Attraction 2 T-118 A Pure Heart
T-115 Laws of Attraction 1
Retail Price: $3.90
T-116 Laws of Attraction 2
Retail Price: $3.90
T-118 A Pure Heart
Retail Price: $3.90
T-123 Peaceful Heart T-127 Celtic Friendship Circle T-128 Celtic Family
T-123 Peaceful Heart
Retail Price: $3.90
T-128 Celtic Family
Retail Price: $3.90
T-143 Yoga and Chakras T-146 2 OMs T-148 2 OMs and Chakras
T-143 Yoga and Chakras
Retail Price: $3.90
T-146 2 OMs
Retail Price: $3.90
T-148 2 OMs and Chakras
Retail Price: $3.90
T-149 Namaste T-150 Faith Hope Love T-152 Breathe Love
T-149 Namaste
Retail Price: $3.90
T-150 Faith Hope Love
Retail Price: $3.90
T-152 Breathe Love
Retail Price: $3.90