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The Power of Affirmations

Positive affirmations embrace positive thinking to manifest great change in your life. Every thought we think creates a particular subtle vibration: when we mentally utter the magnetic affirmation without delusive assumptions, but based on principles of truth, and keep on repeating that thought within, it sets up a vibration that evokes that manifestation. Positive thinking and affirmations create subtle astral forces that come to our aid; they will dig a deeper groove of magnetism for success in your powerful mind. “Thoughts are Things!” and pessimistic thoughts attract struggle and poverty. The positive affirmations will melt away the opposing negative thoughts. We are dynamic magnets attracting what we mentally send out. You can heal your life and attract material abundance by repeating silently or out loud positive affirmations with deep feeling. We are the creators of our life. Our higher self, attuned to the creative laws, vibrates and attracts success. Just as Jesus said “Know ye not that ye are gods?” so we are the molders of our destinies.

Hearts for Love is well aware of this Universal law and put together positive affirmations in wallet cards, stickers, photographs and much more

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Wallet Card Altars : $ 1 (two sides)
click here to see all our 254 wallet altars

Static Cling Stickers : $ 1.50
click here to see all our 154 stickers

Cut-out Adhesive-backed Stickers : $ 1.50
click here to see all our 47 stickers

Greeting Cards :
full gloss
5"x7" eco-friendly made in USA : $ 1.50 with envelope
click here to see all our 67 greeting cards

Chrome Metal Stickers : $ 1.75
click here to see all our stickers

CH-05 $ 1.75

CH-05 $ 1.75

Photographs various sizes :
8"x10": $ 4.50 - 11"x14": $ 6.50 - selection of 16"x20": $ 8.95

Prosperity Affirmation Counter - $ 4.50

“Attract great abundance through sincerity.”

here is a short video presentation of the Prosperity Affirmation Counter

AFFIRMATION RINGS in STERLING SILVER - Adjustable size -- just $ 12

"FAITH" - "JOY" - "PEACE" - "LOVE"

4 grams Sterling Silver quality-made ring; being easily adjustable it will fit almost any finger size. Includes additional positive affirmation engravings on the inside. All of our custom designed Affirmation Rings are Made in USA. Price sensitive to sterling silver prices.We only sell our own unique silver jewelry designs and own the copyright on them

If you missed our previous newsletters we recently have introduced
a cut-out magnetic car logo; see below

The cut-out shaped magnetic car "OM' logo has a 3D

printed design using outside all weather resistant

ink to help it last many years

Click on the image below to watch a video presentation of our new magnetic car logo

Aum is a Sanskrit root word or seed-sound symbolizing the creative divine intelligence which creates and sustains all things, it is also known as the Cosmic vibratory intelligent word of God that sustains all the created universes.

Aum of the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans; Amin of the Moslems; and Amen of the Egyptians, Greeks, Jews and Christians. The world's great religions agree that all created things, originate in the vibratory energy of Aum or Amen, known as the Holy Ghost to the Christian faith. "In the beginning was the word and the word was God . . . All things were made by Him” (the word of Aum) (John 1:1,3)

As a running motor produces sound, so Aum testifies to the running of the Cosmic motor that upholds all life and every particle of creation through vibratory energy.

Quantum scientists have discovered that behind the atomic matrix of all matter are moving waves of intelligent vibratory fields of energy.


“The All-Knowing Mind knows what to do and how to do it. My affairs are managed by Law, and directed by Wisdom, and they cannot fail to prosper and expand.”Ernest Holmes

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GC-43 Massage - Reiki Greeting Card GC-58 Reiki GC-65 Reiki Affirmation
GC-58 Reiki
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-65 Reiki Affirmation
Retail Price: $2.95
GC-42 Mikao Usui Greeting Card GC-44 Chief Sitting Bull Greeting Card WA-177 Mikao Usui (Reiki) - Wallet Altar
WA-178 Reki - Just for Today - Wallet Altar WA-214 Reiki Power Symbol - Choku Rei - Wallet Altar WA-215 Reiki Mental-Emotional Symbol - Sei He Ki - Wallet Altar
WA-216 Reiki Master Teacher Symbol - Dai Ko Mio - Wallet Altar WA-217 Reiki - Japanese Symbol for Reiki - Wallet Altar WA-218 Reiki Distance Symbol - Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen - Wallet Altar
WA-219 Global Heart - Love Reiki - Wallet Altar child of god wallet altar T-050 Healing Hands
T-050 Healing Hands
Retail Price: $3.90
T-051 Reiki Hands T-054 Mikao Usui CS-27 Mikao Usui / Reiki Hands
T-051 Reiki Hands
Retail Price: $3.90
T-054 Mikao Usui
Retail Price: $3.90