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YA-87 18k Gold Plated Platonic Metatron 4" Grid
18k Gold Plated Platonic Metatron Grid

Retail Price: $26.00

Product code: YA-87

Gold plated "Platonic Solids Metatron's Cube" grid. 4 inches by 4 inches by .02 inches (same thickness as a credit card). The thin 4 inch wide grid can be used as a stencil or can be framed in a square picture frame.

The Platonic solids are found in all organic life forms, minerals, music, language and sound. Fire, Earth, Air, Ether and Water. Platonic solids have these unique characteristics:
All faces are same size.
All edges are same length.
There is only 1 size of interior angle throughout entire shape.
When placed in a sphere, all points touch the edges perfectly. Keep in mind these are only two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional shapes.

Scientists have proposed that the atomic nucleus of all of the elements in the chemical Table of Elements have a geometric alignment similar to one of the shapes of the platonic solids.

Comes with a thin (almost invisible) rustproof stainless steel display stand.

Note: this design is symmetrical, however, in to capture the best likeness of the item the photo has been taken at a slight angle.