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Seed of Life 2" Grid
Seed of Life 2" Grid

Retail Price: $9.00

Product code: YA-2109

The Seed of Life is at the heart of the Flower of Life and is considered to have a very deep and sacred meaning. Both patterns can be seen in art and sacred temples around the world.

Beautiful 18 karat gold plated laser cut brass sheet Seed of Life Sacred Geometry symbol Size: 2 inches by 2 inches by .01 inches (thinner than a credit card) and weighs 2 grams. This design can be used for earrings or if you wish to use it for ORGANITE then just cut the top hook part off with a pair of scissors.

7 days of creation. The center circle represents the Creator and the initial creation, next the resonating radiating universal spirit of consciousness made a second circle (which forms another sacred symbol known as the Vesica Pisces), then a third (making the holy trinity) and so on until there were a total of seven circles.

Some believe that Sacred Geometry is the underlying foundation from which the universe and all life were made. When you look deeply, you may see the correlation between certain geometrical patterns and the natural world such as the chambered nautilus, honey combs, certain plants, proportions of the human body, orbits of the planets, the structure of crystals, the atomic structure of chemicals, music, ancient religious symbols and so on. When you look at all of the similarities and think about the ancient origins of the Flower of Life symbol, it is no wonder that there are groups worldwide who meditate upon and feel uplifted by sacred geometry.