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YA-40-SM Chinese Prosperity Symbol 3" Grid

Retail Price: $12.00


Product code: YA-40-SM


Chinese Prosperity Symbol 3" Grid

The Cai Wealth and prosperity symbol is the most popular, successful and historically traditional symbol and icon for attracting wealth, and property, and is seen as a comforting intentional sign of good fortune. In everyday Chinese culture, the Cai can refer to many things: a successful business, a particularly good harvest or a successful career. While displayed in a discreet or obvious location it emanates and resonates a reminder to the owner for intentional success, spiritual and healthy economic progress.
Our gold plated, perfectly laser cut brass metal thin plate designs allow for the important geometrically exact pattern to reflect the emanating energy of this sacred appreciated symbol. As always they can hung straight on the wall with a small pin or nail but last longer in a perfect condition without dust etc. when framed in a picture frame.

Note: due to its highly reflective nature, the photo was taken at a slight angle to capture the best likeness of this piece. The design is geometrically perfect.