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Red Jasper Sacred Geometry Dome Stone Pendants
Red Jasper Sacred Geometry Dome Stone Pendants

Retail Price: $44.00
Wholesale Price: $18.00
Savings: $26.00

Product code: RJ-SGP

Please indicate what design you desire.

Banded Red Jasper, is a micro-granular quartz and/or chalcedony and is an opaque when much iron saturates the silica matrix to give it the much sought after deep red color. Often this stone exhibits actual thin bands of iron that could not be absorbed by the saturated composition.

Iron represents strength and courage while advancing through the challenges of life . Red Jasper is considered a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others. Red Jasper is the most revered and sought after Jasper color.

This pendant is beautiful from both sides and can thus be worn as two pendants depending on which side you want to display.

Gold Plating Note: All our gold plated jewelry has an underlay of identically gold colored titanium vapor deposited metallic coating that with the appropriate reactive gases creates an identical similar metallic luster of gold, but is much harder than stainless steel. (This is why they make fighter jets out of titanium and not stainless steel.) Consequently this unique and highly skilled process ensures the gold metallic color does not wear off for many years and in the 7 years we have been using this process not one customer has expressed dismay with the gold metallic coating wearing off or showing signs of wear.

Circular Pendants are 2 inches in diameter. All pendants come with a stainless steel chain.

Since each stone is natural and unique, the stone will vary slightly in color.

The Red Jasper Sacred Geometry Pendant designs are as follows:
(Refer to SKU number on picture when ordering the design you would like.)

Red-BW -Buddhist Wheel
Red-CT -Celtic Triquetra
Red-FOL -Flower of Life
Red-GFOL -Global Flower of Life
Red-HC -Heart Chakra
Red-LF -Lotus Flower
Red-Met -Metatron
Red-Om -Om Mandala
Red-Rat -Golden Ratio
Red-RH -Reiki
Red-Sc -Scarab
Red-SD/SOL -Star of David/ Seed of life
Red-SM -Sun & Moon
Red-SOL -Seed of Life
Red -SOL/FOL -Seed of Life/ Flower of Life
Red-SY d -Shree Yantra Detailed
Red-SY -Shree Yantra
Red-TOL -Tree of Life
Red-TOL s - Tree of Life (solid design)
Red-TV -Torus Vortex
Red-Yoga -Yoga