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SSM-MOB-FOL 6" Flower of Life Mobile - Anodized Titanium Stainless Steel with Mirror
SSM-MOB-FOL  6" Flower of Life Mobile - Anodized Titanium Stainless Steel with Mirror

Retail Price: $49.00

Product code: SSM-MOB-FOL

SSM-MOB-FOL 6" Flower of Life Mobile - Anodized Titanium Stainless Steel with Mirror. Unique to Hearts for Love!
This rigid wall ornament has a mirror glued with silicon to the back. We assemble them in-house for each order. The colorful coating is not a paint or printed matter but a genuine hard metal finish of anodized titanium. It will not oxidize or fade with UV. The spectral effect has become part of the surface of the stainless steel and the rainbow colors move as you do, in angle to the light source. So durable it should last several hundred years! The mirror fulfills a significant Feng Shui aspect of a happy home.
This ancient symbol is believed to be well over 6,000 years old. It has been found on temple walls, in manuscripts, and at sacred sites across Europe, the Middle East, China, India, and Japan. Leonardo da Vinci did many sketches and studies of the Flower of Life as well as the Seed of Life. Some believe the Flower of Life has a deep connection with the creation and fabric of life. The innermost 7 circles of the Flower of Life are also known as the Seed of Life or Genesis Pattern. The center circle represents the unmanifested absolute spirit. From there spirit or cosmic intelligence makes a second circle, then a third, and so on until there are a total of six circles surrounding the first.
Scientifically, the Flower of Life is an expression of electromagnetic energy. It can manifest within many different waveforms or frequencies as interconnected, emanating circle patterns that can be observed in sound, matter, or electricity. This sacred harmonic resonant pattern is recognized as uplifting the vibrations of those around it, which may explain why it can be found in so many sacred sites worldwide. Those who study and meditate on the Flower of Life find that it inspires consciousness through its deep spiritual meanings. The beginning study of Sacred Geometry can start with as little as a compass and ruler.
Many fascinating, sacred geometrical patterns are considered to be derived from the Flower of Life such as the Seed of Life, the Fruit of Life, the Egg of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the Kabbalah or Tree of Life. The flower of life represents the connectivity of all life. Everything in the universe is connected. Modern physics calls this “Quantum Entanglement.” Each one of us is deeply connected and all things in this world. The universal spirit omnisciently pervades everything with the oneness of consciousness and spiritual unity. To advance spiritually, we need to help and strengthen those less fortunate than us. When we do so we are only helping ourselves. This help can be spiritual, mental, or physical. When we forget ourselves and give our help to others, we are expressing selfless love and compassion and in doing so we feel more connected to our inner being. Those ideals of selfless love, compassion, and connectedness are symbolized in the interconnecting radiant pattern of the Flower.
Thousands of individuals who have clinically died and come back to physical life attest to having a past life review and seeing the ripple effect of how their behavior affected those around them. It has deeply inspired them to become more spiritual and helpful to society. Such a sacred ripple effect is reflected in the Flower of Life.