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WA-226 Jesus Christ - Wallet Altar
WA-226 Jesus Christ - Wallet Altar

Retail Price: $3.50

Product code: WA-226

Jesus Christ, born to a virgin in a stable. He was visited by three wise kings who traveled many miles to his prophesied birth and offered symbolic gifts of reverence to celebrate the coming of his birth to mankind. Jesus lived a life reflecting a perfect attunement to the divine qualities of love, patience, self-sacrifice, kindness, wisdom, generosity, tolerance and supreme humility so that all sincere seekers of truth could have an example to follow and revere. His Oneness with the wishes of his Heavenly Father understood and fulfilled the supreme act of love and sacrifice by not using his miraculous powers and thereby allowing himself to be captured, tortured, humiliated, and drained of blood in a crucifixion he knew had to be. He did this so that in this vivid example of mans cruelty to man, all mankind that he loved so much could be awakened and inspired to follow his example by study, prayer, and the continual all important joyous practicing in his presence. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."
This striking image of the face of Christ, was originally done as a pencil drawing by Heinrich Hofmann who was an artist from Germany who died in 1911.

In his introduction to the spiritual classic “The Second Coming of Christ” The great yoga avatar Paramahansa Yogananda gives a detailed description of Jesus based on his own divine experiences of when Jesus came to him.

He then writes:

“Of all the pictures I have seen of him in the West, the rendering by Hofmann comes closest to showing the accurate features of the incarnate Jesus.”

Hoffman painted many pictures of Jesus and all of them had a similarity of facial features. It is believed that Christ came to him and from this vision Hienrich painted whom he saw.

This oil painting is modeled from a pencil drawing by the Great German painter Heinrich Hofmann (1824-1911)

Those who have read the “ Autobiography of a Yogi “ will no doubt find great joy in this portrait

Prints of Christ.