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YA-649 18k Gold plated Torus Vortex 6" Healing Grid
18k 6in Gold plated Torus Vortex Healing Grid

Retail Price: $55.00

Product code: YA-649

Beautiful 18 karat gold plated Torus Vortex Sacred Geometry symbol. Size: 6 inches by 6 inches by .01 inches.

Comes with a new thinner rust-proof stainless steel display stand.

*This design is symmetrical, however, in order to capture the best likeness of the item the photo has been taken at a slight angle.

A torus vortex is an expression of dynamic life force whether in climate, ocean currents, chemistry or many other vitally charged life forms. It can shape itself into many variations, depending upon the medium in which it exists, for example, a smoke ring in air or a bubble ring in water are both very donut shaped while an apple or an orange (both torus forms) are more overtly spherical. Plants and trees all display the same energy flow process, yet exhibit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, magnetic fields around planets and stars, and whole galaxies themselves are all toroidal energy systems. The study of Sacred Geometry has observed this dynamic shape to be a consistent flow form in the quantum realm, and as such we can postulate that atomic structures and systems are also made of the same dynamic form.
Nick explains how you can put the Sacred Geometry Grids up on your walls with no nails and no mess!