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26" Fine 99.9% Silver Jewelry Curb Chain, Two Troy Ounces Pure Silver
26" Fine 99.9% Silver Chain, Two Troy ounce

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Fine 99.9% Silver Jewelry Curb Chain, 26" length Two Troy Ounces Pure Silver. Links are 6,5x2.5mm, clasp 8x4 mm

This hypoallergenic chain weights 62.2 grams, which is two troy ounces! The chain design is called Curb (rounded). Pure silver is highly tarnish-resistant, unlike sterling silver that easily tarnishes. Most silver chains are made from sterling silver, but this one is made from pure fine silver except for the clasp that is made from sterling silver 925 to provide greater security and strength.

The ancient Rishis of India recommended wearing certain pure metals that touch the skin for highly beneficial effects. Pure silver mitigates negative karma according to Vedic astrology by strengthening the moon in an individual's horoscope. According to Ayurvedic astrology, the moon is the most important planet in the birth chart, it is associated with the functionality mind. Silver is associated with the moon and is said to uplift the spirit. For best results, it should be worn in a necklace form near the high-energy locations of the body i.e. nerve bundle locations that intersect with the chakras. Sterling silver necklace chains – which are only 92.5% silver – (unlike ours which are 99.9% pure fine silver) are not considered to be Ayurvedically or astrologically effective because sterling silver is an alloy that contains 7.5% of other metals. When the metal includes zinc and nickel there can often be an allergenic reaction with the skin.

Hearts for Love and Astrogems are making pure silver chains available as a service to assist those who wish to mitigate influences in astrological planetary cycles that could be weakening the moon in your chart.

Astrogems specializes in making other pure silver, pure copper or pure gold instruments for Ayurvedic astrological benefits, as even individuals with well-placed moons in their Vedic chart can have times when it is weakened by transits and other planetary movements.

Pure silver is the planetary metal for the Moon, pure gold for the Sun, and pure copper for Mars. Fine silver is softer than sterling silver and it is extremely rare.