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FB-C1 Chakra Design Frequency Sterling Silver Bangle
Chakra Design Frequency Bangle



Product code: FB-C1

Spring Links:

Description Technical Specs

Chakra Design Frequency Bangle $980 (plus the cost of spring links). Pure silver spring links are $35 each and measure 5/8” in length (0.625”).

Quartz Crystals
: ~15 carats each, Pearl: ~10-11 carats,
Red Coral: ~6-7 carats

The Chakra Frequency Bangle is 7 3/4 or 7.75 inches long without spring links. Please measure the length of your arm, while relaxed at your side, above the bicep and just below the deltoid (shoulder) to get the proper measurement of your upper arm. Please refer to picture.

We recommend that all medium, large and extra large frequency bangles have a double parallel band of pure silver links.

Paramahansa Yogananda in his book "Autobigraphy of a Yogi" suggested pure copper, silver as well as pure gold as a wonderful strengthener to mitigate or nullify certain aspects of negative karma.

Despite large increases in the price of silver, we have tried to maintain some price stability but we expect to have to raise our prices as the dollar declines and the price of silver rises.

All the designs are related to the provisional patent applied for and accepted with the US Patent office.

Note: All quartz crystal, pearl and red coral weights are approximate.

7 3/4” contains no spring links

8 3/8” contains 1 spring links

9” contains 2 spring links

9 5/8” contains 3 spring links

10 1/4” contains 4 spring links

10 7/8” contains 5 spring links

11 1/2” contains 6 spring links

12 1/8” contains 7 spring links

12 3/4” contains 8 spring links

13 3/8” contains 9 spring links

14” contains 10 spring links

14 5/8” contains 11 spring links

15 1/4” contains 12 spring links

15 7/8” contains 13 spring links

16 1/2” contains 14 spring links

17 1/8” contains 15 spring links