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CIP-HEX Merkaba Pure Citrine Pendant Design
CIP-HEX Merkaba Pure Citrine Pendant Design

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Product code: CIP-HEX

CIP-HEX Merkaba Pure Citrine Pendant Design
"Mer" means Light.
"Ka" means Spirit.
"Bah" means Body.
These perfectly cut pure quartz pendants are faceted so the backside will touch the skin and hence transfer some perfect crystal energy. Quartz can be grown in a laboratory environment as six sided hexagonal crystals that are perfect and not included. This perfect growing technology was developed in order to offer reliability to the engineering and scientific community as natural quartz was too often unreliable in having a perfect crystal atomic lattice.
Perfectly grown quartz crystals are used to keep quartz watches in perfect time. This hexagonal pendant is sold with a sterling silver chain 26 inches long. Yellow quartz is called Citrine. And nearly all deeper colored natural citrine is superheated smoky quartz or pale amethyst which turns the crystal yellow. So even though it is sold as natural it is not a color enhanced material as so many supposedly natural faceted gems are these days.
This is why we don't sell it as the heat treatment that is regarded as bending the crystals atomic alignment. If the crystal has a warped atomic alignment then it is no longer a natural crystal in our view.
For this reason we love the laboratory grown yellow citrine crystals these pendants are made from. The growth process is identical to how mother nature grows quartz. All quartz grows in a super heated silica saturated pressurized water environment and this is how the raw crystals were grown before they were faceted into pendant sized gems.
Purple quartz is called amethyst and clear transparent quartz has no name but just clear quartz. Do not be tricked when you read the description "crystal" in a jewelry product as often the material is not quartz and not cut from a geometrical crystal but is just a high quality glass variety. Glass has much silica in it but it is not formed using a molecular or atomic lattice structure. Being just over ¾'s of and inch wide and one and a half inches long. Each hexagonal cut crystal pendant weighs over 22 carats. The whole pendant and chain weighs half an ounce.
The headstone gem at the top of the pendant is a cubic zirconia and does not touch the skin and unlike the hexagonal quartz is for decoration.