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N-54 - Navaratna Necklace (54 Beads)
N-54 - Navaratna Necklace (54 Beads)

Retail Price: $440.00


Product code: N-54

Description Technical Specs

We carefully select the gemstone raw material for faceting into a high quality Navaratna Necklace Mala. There are 54 large gem quality beads on this silver wire wrapped necklace. Each bead is between 2 and 4 carats. The stones in the Navaratna Necklace are as follows: Hessonite Garnet, Blue Iolite, Peridot, Freshwater Pearl, Red Coral, Silver Quartz Catseye, Almandine, Citrine and White Topaz. It is both comfortable and attractive and can be used as a mala as well. It has been made using silver wire as silk or polyester cannot last very long under normal conditions of daily use.

We have chosen those gems to replace the primary planetary gems based on our observations of hundreds of clients. The most powerful gem in the mineral kingdom, followed by the sapphires. This conclusion leads us to suspect that the harder the gem, the more lifeforce it emanates.

Much research from Vedic history and what the ancient rishis have explained has gone into how we have designed this Chakra based Navaratna Necklace. So for cost we use undyed natural gemstones that have not been color enhanced but are close to the required rainbow or spectrum colors that the ancient rishis recommended. The strength of the color and quality of the crystal material are essential for the necklace mala to be effective. Excellent quality crystal material has the electrons in alignment along the molecular crystal lattice. When the electrons are in alignment they amplify their color frequency influence in a radiating manner. The larger crystal beads allow for an amplification of the crystal's color frequency.

Just having a necklace with colorful beads does not mean that it will in any way strengthen the chakras resonance for planetary stimuli and as such a lot of chakra jewelry out their has little do with chakra or the electrical body balancing. We have carefully made sure that none of these crystal beads have been colored by heat treatment or diffusion or any of the other commonly used enhancement techniques. The result is a beautiful and completely natural Navaratna Necklace that can be tossed over the head requiring no clasp or joiner that also has an exceptionally wide skin contact area for transferring the benign electro-magnetic color frequencies in a benign radiating manner.

The subtle electro-magnetic radiations (benign frequencies) that the body will absorb via the crystals are chakra balancing and strengthening. Any Ayurvedic astrological good quality crystal that has been recommended by the rishis in the ancient Vedic texts can also be considered a chakra crystal or chakra stone.

Most chakra stones being promoted today are color enhanced mineral materials that are very easy to buy in bulk by wholesalers and are being ruthlessly promoted by new age purveyors to attract income. Such stones do not represent deeply colored crystals introduced by the ancient yogis and rishis who first brought this science to the fore.

We always offer a money back guarantee on all our jewelry if you are not completely satisfied. This guarantee is for 10 days from date of arrival. Because the necklace is worn around the neck, its location is particularly effective compared to a ring that is not worn near the chakras that are the control stations for the physical body and mind.