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NE-11 - RED CORAL NECKLACE on Silver Wire
NE-11 - RED CORAL NECKLACE on Silver Wire

Retail Price: $395.00

Product code: NE-11

Description Technical Specs
RED CORAL NECKLACE on Silver Wire, 26.5 inches. 

Red Coral (Corallium Rubrum) beads are carved from a branch-like calcareous framework of the coral polyp and is formed by the accretion of colonies of these tiny marine invertebrates. The heating influence in Red Coral seems to originate mostly from the red color in combination with the organically structured crystalline aggregate of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The red color traps the infra red and red aspect of the light spectrum, and this appears to be regenerative as a heating influence.

My extensive experiments with White Coral, which has been found to be both calming and strengthening, indicate that it does not stimulate the metabolic heat in the wearer nearly as much as Red Coral. But for high pitta individuals (an Ayurvedic body type), who nonetheless need more physical energy, this can be helpful. With very few exceptions, people have found that by wearing the Red Coral necklace they have experienced more bodily heat and energy. This experience is very much appreciated if the person is of a less energized character or has a low body heat. If the person has a body type that is susceptible to feeling the cold, then she or he will feel very attached to the necklace during cold weather. But those, on the other hand, who do not feel the cold, may actually experience feeling overheated and uncomfortable when wearing the necklace; this discomfort can come within minutes or hours. The individuals who seem to be the most sensitive this way are those who are "pitta".

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