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RJDP-GSOL Red Jasper Glass Dome Stone Pendants - Gold Plated Seed of Life
RJDP-GSOL Red Jasper Glass Dome Stone Pendants - Gold Plated Seed of Life

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RJDP-GSOL Red Jasper Glass Dome Stone Pendants - Gold Plated Seed of Life.

Banded Red Jasper, is a micro-granular quartz and/or chalcedony and is an opaque when iron saturates the silica matrix, giving it the much sought after deep red color. Often this stone exhibits actual thin bands of iron that could not be absorbed by the saturated composition.

Iron represents strength and courage while advancing through the challenges of life. Red Jasper is considered a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others.

Red Jasper is the most revered and sought after of the jasper colors.

This pendant is usually very beautiful from both sides and can thus be worn as two pendants depending on which side you want to display.

Gold Plating Note: All our gold plated jewelry has an underlay of identically gold colored titanium vapor deposited metallic coating that with the appropriate reactive gases creates an identical similar metallic luster of gold, but is much harder than stainless steel. (This is why they make fighter jets out of titanium and not stainless steel.) Consequently this unique and highly skilled process ensures the gold metallic color does not wear off for many years and in the 7 years we have been using this process not one customer has expressed dismay with the gold metallic coating wearing off or showing signs of wear.

Circular Pendants are 2 inches in diameter and include a 2mm, 24 inch gold chain.

Red jasper pendants will vary slightly in color.

The Seed of Life is at the heart of the Flower of Life and is considered to have a very deep and sacred meaning. Both patterns can be seen in art and sacred temples around the world.

Also called the Genesis Pattern, some feel that it represents the 7 days of creation. The center circle represents the Creator and the initial creation, next the resonating radiating universal spirit of consciousness made a second circle (which forms another sacred symbol known as the Vesica Pisces), then a third (making the holy trinity) and so on until there were a total of seven circles.

Leonardo da Vinci was intrigued by the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life; both can be seen in his drawings.

The Egg of Life is within the Seed of Life. The Egg of Life is also composed of seven circles and is said to be in the shape of a multicellular embryo in its first hours of creation. This outlook makes the Egg of Life a central part of creation itself.

Some sacred geometry practitioners feel an important point to remember is that these patterns are two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional shapes.

Some believe that Sacred Geometry is the underlying foundation from which the universe and all life were made. When you look deeply, you may see the correlation between certain geometrical patterns and the natural world such as the chambered nautilus, honey combs, certain plants, proportions of the human body, orbits of the planets, the structure of crystals, the atomic structure of chemicals, music, ancient religious symbols and so on. When you look at all of the similarities and think about the ancient origins of the Flower of Life symbol, it is no wonder that there are groups worldwide who meditate upon and feel uplifted by sacred geometry.