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Classical Seven Circuit Cretan Labyrinth 30mm Earrings
Classical Seven Circuit  Cretan Labyrinth 30mm Earrings

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Product code: ER-96


The Classical Seven Circuit Cretan Labyrinth is believed to be the oldest labyrinth design in history. It is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center and an outward sign of the inner pilgrimage. The basic Labyrinth design – a single path winding in and out until the center is reached, is found from Cornwall England, to the Hopi Indians. From Cathedrals in Europe to modern day uses by Churches, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers.
Unlike a maze the labyrinth is unicursal i.e. has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center and then back out the same way, with only one entry/exit point. It can be used as a tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.

The Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth pattern as shown in these 30mm gold plated laser cut brass earrings. Allows that you enter a labyrinth through the mouth and then walk on the paths or circuits. The goal is to get to the center of the labyrinth. When you reach it, you have gone half the distance and you can sit and purposely control your mind to go into a meditative state of consciousness. Then, as you turn around and walk back out, the art is to hold onto that deep inner calmness that your focused correctly practiced meditation technique granted to you. This whole process has been used in various cultures to prepare individuals for entering into Holy shrines by attuning their mind into a resonant state of calm joy.